An API to encode and decode coordinates using the Geohash geocode system.


This side-project was initially built to test out Go Modules.

The Geohash encoding and decoding implementation was built from scratch; all components will be open-sourced once I stabilize the deployment process.

It's also a learning exercise in transforming a traditional deployment to a modern Docker and K8S stack, so it's a work in progress.

I wanted to learn about how these technologies can enrich a simple API deployment with more advanced concepts such as load balancing, caching and continuous rollouts.

Why no HTTPS? Most of my projects are happily using Let's Encrypt <3. The thing is that I'm currently shuffling deployment methods, caching, load balancing, routing. HTTP-only keeps this complication layer as low as I want, and once the project has been stabilized, HTTPS is going to be the standard.

The website design was largely copied from onwater.io. I'm a terrible designer and I hope it's okay with the Dockwa guys.

Icons attribution : Icons made by turkkub and Freepik from www.flaticon.com

A good explanation of how Geohash works is available here.

You can check out my profile on Github or my personal Blog for other projects and contact information.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome, so feel free to reach out!

Paschalis, out!



  • Stabilize the Docker+k8s workflow
  • Stabilize the Caching and Load Balancing
  • Open-Source the whole thing here
  • Stress-Test


  • More API functionality : neighboring hashes, route tracing
  • Add conversion to/from "plus codes"
  • Add conversion to/from MGRS
  • Draft future Roadmap; either stabilize and archive the project to run on autopilot, or keep adding new features, depending on adoption and responses

There are currently no plans to implement a Free/Paid tier. While it would be a good learning exercise, I prefer to offer something nice for free.

Have a question, a remark, or an idea? Feel free to reach out on Twitter.

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